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If you had never tried Pocky before, you must be wondering what exactly it is. Well, Pocky is a super popular Japanese snack, a thin wheat cracker dipped in a variety of flavors, or decorated with various toppings. It is tasty and often addictive.

We carry a variety of Pockies, from the classic to the limited editions, and even the GIANT Pocky. The following are just some of the most popular ones. So come by and see what else we have or what we've just got...

Chocolate: the classic Strawberry flavor with dried strawberry pieces Decorative strawberry on chocolate Berry on chocolate, with pieces of dried berry Strawberry flavored, mini-size Hello Kitty pocky

Smooth Milk Tea mouse topping on chocolate stick

Delicious Green Tea mouse topping on chocolate stick

Salty Pizza flavored sticks for those not crazy with sweets

White chocolate on chocolate, like a decoration cake on a stick

Almond Crush: chocolate with bits of almond



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