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We carry a variety of popular Japanese snacks. They are perfect for your kids--cute and delicious. They are tasty but low in calorie, so you can enjoy them as much as you want. And made so delicately, they make great gifts for a party.

Bourbon Snacks (Variety of Flavors in Stock)
Bourbon Banana Cake
(Variety of Flavors in Stock)
Snack Cake (More Varieties in Stock)
Party Mix
The Cutest Chocolate Snacks (More Varieties in Stock)
Mochi (Rice Cake) with Red Bean Paste
Mochi Ice cream (Finger ice creams with a thin layer of sweet rice)--come in Green Tea, Mango, and other exotic flavors)
No-Where-To-Find Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream (More flavors available: Red Bean, Plum....)
















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