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Chinese were the first to know and use jade in the early Neolithic Age. For thousands of years up to the present day, jade has been used for many purposes. In the Shang and Zhou dynasties (1766 B.C.- 256 B.C.), jade was used to make tools, weapons, and ritual utensils. With the development of business, jade became to be used as a type of currency. As it makes a pleasant sound when tapped, jade was also used as musical instruments.


Chinese believed that jade was the essence of Heaven and Earth, a messenger between God and the mankind. As a matter of fact, the ancient Chinese character for jade was the same as that for "king." Thus, jade was a symbol of power. In the past, only aristocrats could own items of jade.


Many noble attributes were also given to jade: pureness, benevolence, fidelity, politeness, wisdom, and sincerity. Thus, people adopted the fashion of wearing jade accessories. It is said that a gentleman would never separate from his jade, a symbol of his nobility.


Chinese people also believe that jade has supernatural power and wearing jade accessories helps resist evil influences. Regardless of supernatural power, high-quality jade does have a healthy cooling effect in the hot summer.

Today, jade is primarily used to make quality jewries such as bracelets, pendants, and rings.





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