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We carry a variety of materials and seasonings needed to prepare the most popular or your favorite Asian cuisines, be it Chinese, Japanese, Tai, Vietnamese, or Korean. We also have cookery-books that teach you step-by-step how to prepare these delicious food.

Chinese Cuisine:

Dumpling & Wonton (Variety of
Vegetable& Meat Fillings)

For people who are on the go, we have cooked and ready-to-serve dumplings and dim sums with a variety of filling. Just put them in a steamer or microwave and enjoy with dipping sauce.

Or you can try some of the microwavable rice and noodle dish--they taste so very like freshly made you won't believe them coming out of a box.


For those of you who enjoy cooking, we have all the material you will ever need: rice (regular, jasmine, and gluttonous), noodle (various kinds), fresh vegetables, canned ingredients, stir-fry sauces, and soup bases. With the help of the cookery-books, you can make anything you want.

Japanese Cuisine:

Good news again for those on the go. We have Japanese style gyoza and the most popular ready-to-serve Japanese dish that come in a PACKET! Yes, a packet. Just pore them on rice or noodle and it makes a delicious meal.

Japanese Style Dumpling
Dish from a Packet

If you dare, you can also try the raw fish eggs. Put a tiny bit on rice, you can make it a meal too. They are incredibly healthy and if you like them, they are incredibly delicious.

Like Sushi? You can make them . We have the ingredients and tools you need. It is for sure a time-consuming process, but hey, that's all the fun about cooking, isn't it? And don't forget to grab some wasabi, sushi soy sauce, and sushi ginger.

Tai Cuisine:

Like curry? We have a variety of pre-made Tai curry pastes. Unlike curry powders, they are easy to cook wit: just add in your favorite meat and vegetables and you can make curry dish like those found in a restaurant. Grab some coconut milk too; that will help kick it up a notch!


We have so many exotic items that are fun just to look at. And if you ever need something that we don't have, we would be happy to get them for you. So just come and check them out.

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